Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cricket back with her faceup and stylin !

What a transformation!  I am really happy with her  : )  she was worth the wait!

Monday, November 8, 2010

F07 story continues - update on reducing

Today I took out my F07 oldskin body - it's a shade more yellowed (darker) than her head.  I had decided to use the Masha body, but I have decided her makeup will have a tinge of an antique feeling to it while still having that anime simplicity.  Only Raven could pull this off... and because of this I decided this oldskin body will be perfect for her.  So I am selling the Masha body!  it's in perfect condition and a good find but I can't use it.

** I shipped out my F07 head!!  she is off for her makeup.  I am getting excited.  I also have a different wig picked out for her its a volks mohair wig in a light brown.  Looks a bit antique looking and I have added another eye option - these one of a kind really old mystic eyes.  They are the oddest mystics I have ever seen and they look great in her with the wig.  This wig is going to be really tight!  I will add some volks wig stop velcro stuff to the back of her head and head top and hope that holds it on. 

I mailed off three more dolls today to happy buyers.  My doll family is now a nice size 11 SD's feels just right.  They are all hypers except for two SD's Bianka and my F07.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My F07 Volks Girl Arrived

My sweet little girl is finally home.  She arrived from Spain.  I took her off her old style body and put her on Volks Masha white body.  The Masha body is a bit more pink, but once she has her faceup maybe it will be only a small difference. 

I got the artist I wanted to do her makeup Ravendolls!  she is really retired but we are old buddies so I twisted her arm.  It's a big favor for me and I appreciate it.  I want her makeup to be really cute and natural looking.  This wig photographed allot more pinky purple than it is in real life!!  makes me think I might want to change it to something else.... I will have to play.  But she has a really big head!!! its a good size 10.  She won't fit into my size 9 wigs that my hypers wear. 

It will be a few weeks till her makeup.  Then she will get to play dress up!