Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reducing the hoard!

Over the past few weeks I came to the hard decision to reduce my doll family.  I think this will lead to a more focused and relaxed feeling around my dolls.  I had been feeling scattered.  I would walk into my doll room - Yes have doll room! - and then walk back out, because my focus couldn't settle on one doll.  This has been happening for a while, but I just put it down to needing to clean and organize that room.  It's a smaller room and easily turns to chaos! 

Indecision be no more!
I have taken the giant step of selling off dolls I never thought I would part with, to focus on the few.  I know I am not alone in this, because I have noticed others doing the same.  Maybe it's the fall season.

I have updated my hypers list - removed the two boys who are off to new homes.  I will be totally boy free apart from my Dongha who makes such a good girl that she really is a girl now.

It will only be girl dolls from here on that come to my house!  Also I am selling my Unoss and Unoa Lusis with makeups by Evenstar.  They are both stunning, but again I need to reduce. 
After they are sold I will review again.  It's like a full time job just list, pics, answering questions and all the other things that go with selling doll stuff.  I haven't even started on reviewing the spare eyes I should sell.  I have wigs up for sale but I have many more I need to list!

I will be keeping my main hyper family.  I don't think I will ever have a small doll family.  I think these days a small family would be five or so, years ago around 2003 when the BJD's were just getting some interest, five SD's would have been a large family, but there were not many companies to pick from in thoes days.  So much fewer to temp you!

I want to try for about 12 SD size dolls  :)

My Lieselotte shipped today.  I should get her next week along with my F07!  what weird timing.  This happens to me all the time. Dolls arrive really close together sometimes the same day, even with a few months wait periods.  I  am not sure if I will keep Lieselotte now, I will see what I think.  With this serious crack down it seems silly to keep her when I have sold hypers.  I think my Cricket (trying out the name :) wants her wig though!

My F07 is in the USA customs as I type.  I can't wait to unwrap her.  She is definately staying.  I think this girl helped me to resort my doll family.  I am sure the other dolls are going to be terribly jealous of her!

Here's a picture the seller took of my girl's side profile (F07)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Hypermaniac Family

For my second post and while I wait to get pictures of my to be F07 (should be seeing them on Tuesday).
I thought I would add a post about my doll hoard.  I tend to have ones that are my solid doll family and some that come and go.  The reason I have some that come and go is because many times you can't know how you feel about a doll until you actually have it in your hands.  Pictures can only tell you so much, they can't show you how a doll feels to move, the weight or how it will fit in with the rest of your dolls.  Also having a large doll family I HAVE to be fussy and sell if it's not love. 

The dolls that are full time permanent residents are my hypermaniacs.  Though recently I have let a couple of the hypermaniac boys move on to more appreciative homes.  The reason for that is that I have found the boys don't get any attention.  Seems I am a girl person.  Though I always thought I liked them both equally, time has shown me the error of my ways!  So the hypers that could/can be turned into girls are/have been turned into girls!  My Dongha is now on a Jamie 2002 early hyper body and looks wonderful.  It took my mind some time to look at this doll as a girl but I think I am there now.  If I had never seen the mold before as a boy I would have not even known he/she was a boy.  Makes a great girl.

My Hypermaniac Family:  All original year - no rereleases.

Jamie - the first doll hypermaniac company offered for sale.  Her body is unique to her.  She has separated toes.  I adore her body!
Dongha on second Jamie body (still have his body of course)
Sirang - maybe making her into a boy (see how that goes)
Marie - beautiful sleepy eyes, stunning mold.
Rui - this one has a beautiful resin color! must have got a really nice batch of resin
Choyangbi - as girl
Hahanbi - as girl
kakiva - half closed eye
Kakiva - this one has modded open eyes
Eujquiv - I LOVE this face

I could have collected every hyper, it was really moving in that direction, but I stopped ! glad I did, that boy revelation helped.  Funny how it took years for me to figure that out. The boys would just sit on the shelf and the girls get all the attention.

I think I am at the end of my hyper seeking! WOW six years. 

For thoes new to hypermaniac company, these dolls are hard to find. I only wanted to collect the original year as I found I liked the older heavy resin they used in the early dolls.  One of the things I love most about my hyper family is they were made in very small batches.  This resulted in small differences in resin color so all my dolls are a slightly different color.  To me they seem more real because of that!  and more special. 

Ok as promised dolly eye candy.  This is Marie (on right) and Wizard-K (left boy)

My adorable Jamie (juliette)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Volks F07 I found you!

I am doing my first post about my Volks F07.  It has been a turbulent search for this old discontinued FCS Volks doll!  One that made me want to send Volks a letter begging them to rerelease this head mold.  Which is about as likely as me walking on water. 

The one that wouldn't be!
I bought a F07 head in white resin, which is the color I had hoped for.  When it arrived and I removed the makeup I realized its mouth had been modded opened!  So I had to mail the head back to the seller.  As cute as that head was, I still would have been searching for an F07 unmodded! 

I couldn't get that cute face out of my head and heart.  So began my earnest search.... and searched... more searching.  I looked on YJ every day and the den of angels.  I did find two but both had modded faces.  It seems people can not resist modding these F07 heads.  Why you would want to open eyes on this doll to make them even larger! or sand down an already tiny nose! 

The other thing I found is that thoes that own this mold don't want to part with it!  even if they have larger doll families and are downsizing this tends to be the last doll they would think about selling.  I hope I will feel the same : )  I think thats a good sign!  but frustrating as a person looking to buy one.

Well to cut a long story short I have found my F07 doll!  she is White Skin and comes with her original WS body and no mods not even earring holes.  SO SO happpy. 

I already know the eyes she will be wearing as I got to try eyes in that doll head that wasn't.   I will update with pictures.  From what I can see her resin is not too yellowed, I am guessing she was made around 2004.  She will be traveling from Spain to me.  Ah the power of the internet!

She will need a new faceup.  So that will mean sending her head away.  I have someone in mind but it involves twisting their arm... gah it seems manifesting this doll is a challenge!

From the looks of how this exchange is working out she should be arriving via EMS around the same time my Volks Lieselotte is scheduled to arrive from Kerby Lane.  These will be her eyes!  they are 20mm unique eyes by Eyelife Labo.  I bought them from YJ like I do most of my things.  The exchange rate is terrible (has been really bad for about two year now) I try not to think about it, and only buy things I can't live without.  Which seems to be allot!  I can't decide between a black ringlet shoulder length wig or a softer look like maybe Lieselottes strawberrry wig.  That would be SO cute.  The way it works is you never really know till you get the faceup done!  and for a name I am thinking Cricket, again I can't be 100% sure till she is complete.

How about you?  What dolls are you dreaming about or finishing/waiting to appear or return from the faceups? (that is doll makeup)

Here is a picture of an F07 for thoes that are curious what the head looks like blank.
This is not my head its an old picture from YJ.  I am pretty sure this one is regular skin.  Mine will be whiter.
Such a cute anime like face.  The shape of the eyes are really adorable in person!