Monday, November 8, 2010

F07 story continues - update on reducing

Today I took out my F07 oldskin body - it's a shade more yellowed (darker) than her head.  I had decided to use the Masha body, but I have decided her makeup will have a tinge of an antique feeling to it while still having that anime simplicity.  Only Raven could pull this off... and because of this I decided this oldskin body will be perfect for her.  So I am selling the Masha body!  it's in perfect condition and a good find but I can't use it.

** I shipped out my F07 head!!  she is off for her makeup.  I am getting excited.  I also have a different wig picked out for her its a volks mohair wig in a light brown.  Looks a bit antique looking and I have added another eye option - these one of a kind really old mystic eyes.  They are the oddest mystics I have ever seen and they look great in her with the wig.  This wig is going to be really tight!  I will add some volks wig stop velcro stuff to the back of her head and head top and hope that holds it on. 

I mailed off three more dolls today to happy buyers.  My doll family is now a nice size 11 SD's feels just right.  They are all hypers except for two SD's Bianka and my F07.

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