Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Hypermaniac Family

For my second post and while I wait to get pictures of my to be F07 (should be seeing them on Tuesday).
I thought I would add a post about my doll hoard.  I tend to have ones that are my solid doll family and some that come and go.  The reason I have some that come and go is because many times you can't know how you feel about a doll until you actually have it in your hands.  Pictures can only tell you so much, they can't show you how a doll feels to move, the weight or how it will fit in with the rest of your dolls.  Also having a large doll family I HAVE to be fussy and sell if it's not love. 

The dolls that are full time permanent residents are my hypermaniacs.  Though recently I have let a couple of the hypermaniac boys move on to more appreciative homes.  The reason for that is that I have found the boys don't get any attention.  Seems I am a girl person.  Though I always thought I liked them both equally, time has shown me the error of my ways!  So the hypers that could/can be turned into girls are/have been turned into girls!  My Dongha is now on a Jamie 2002 early hyper body and looks wonderful.  It took my mind some time to look at this doll as a girl but I think I am there now.  If I had never seen the mold before as a boy I would have not even known he/she was a boy.  Makes a great girl.

My Hypermaniac Family:  All original year - no rereleases.

Jamie - the first doll hypermaniac company offered for sale.  Her body is unique to her.  She has separated toes.  I adore her body!
Dongha on second Jamie body (still have his body of course)
Sirang - maybe making her into a boy (see how that goes)
Marie - beautiful sleepy eyes, stunning mold.
Rui - this one has a beautiful resin color! must have got a really nice batch of resin
Choyangbi - as girl
Hahanbi - as girl
kakiva - half closed eye
Kakiva - this one has modded open eyes
Eujquiv - I LOVE this face

I could have collected every hyper, it was really moving in that direction, but I stopped ! glad I did, that boy revelation helped.  Funny how it took years for me to figure that out. The boys would just sit on the shelf and the girls get all the attention.

I think I am at the end of my hyper seeking! WOW six years. 

For thoes new to hypermaniac company, these dolls are hard to find. I only wanted to collect the original year as I found I liked the older heavy resin they used in the early dolls.  One of the things I love most about my hyper family is they were made in very small batches.  This resulted in small differences in resin color so all my dolls are a slightly different color.  To me they seem more real because of that!  and more special. 

Ok as promised dolly eye candy.  This is Marie (on right) and Wizard-K (left boy)

My adorable Jamie (juliette)

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  1. Oh they are beautiful. If you hadn't have said they were Hypermaniac I would have thought Dollstown for sure.