Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reducing the hoard!

Over the past few weeks I came to the hard decision to reduce my doll family.  I think this will lead to a more focused and relaxed feeling around my dolls.  I had been feeling scattered.  I would walk into my doll room - Yes have doll room! - and then walk back out, because my focus couldn't settle on one doll.  This has been happening for a while, but I just put it down to needing to clean and organize that room.  It's a smaller room and easily turns to chaos! 

Indecision be no more!
I have taken the giant step of selling off dolls I never thought I would part with, to focus on the few.  I know I am not alone in this, because I have noticed others doing the same.  Maybe it's the fall season.

I have updated my hypers list - removed the two boys who are off to new homes.  I will be totally boy free apart from my Dongha who makes such a good girl that she really is a girl now.

It will only be girl dolls from here on that come to my house!  Also I am selling my Unoss and Unoa Lusis with makeups by Evenstar.  They are both stunning, but again I need to reduce. 
After they are sold I will review again.  It's like a full time job just list, pics, answering questions and all the other things that go with selling doll stuff.  I haven't even started on reviewing the spare eyes I should sell.  I have wigs up for sale but I have many more I need to list!

I will be keeping my main hyper family.  I don't think I will ever have a small doll family.  I think these days a small family would be five or so, years ago around 2003 when the BJD's were just getting some interest, five SD's would have been a large family, but there were not many companies to pick from in thoes days.  So much fewer to temp you!

I want to try for about 12 SD size dolls  :)

My Lieselotte shipped today.  I should get her next week along with my F07!  what weird timing.  This happens to me all the time. Dolls arrive really close together sometimes the same day, even with a few months wait periods.  I  am not sure if I will keep Lieselotte now, I will see what I think.  With this serious crack down it seems silly to keep her when I have sold hypers.  I think my Cricket (trying out the name :) wants her wig though!

My F07 is in the USA customs as I type.  I can't wait to unwrap her.  She is definately staying.  I think this girl helped me to resort my doll family.  I am sure the other dolls are going to be terribly jealous of her!

Here's a picture the seller took of my girl's side profile (F07)


  1. Oh what a gorgeous profile! I was wondering if you got her yet.

    As you know I am trying to downsize too. It's a long hard process unfortunately. Lieselotte is beautiful, will you really sell her? She reminds me of a cross between Kurumi and Luna :o)

    Do you have any pics of your doll room? I love being nosey lol. Hubby and I just recently swapped rooms, and his study has recently become my doll room. It is so nice to have a room designated just to dolls and hobbies :o)

  2. :) I might take one after I have downsized my dolly family. I might actually be able to walk around the room once I have waded through all my stuff! Don't hold your breath though, I tend to be slow at organizing things. Yes I might sell her. I haven't even seen her in person yet so of course I will give her a chance. I wish there was more custom makeup Lieselottes around it's hard to envision the possibilities for her without seeing a good variety of custom faceups. I would like to see her with something soft and smokey and thoes big orange brows gone!