Thursday, October 14, 2010

Volks F07 I found you!

I am doing my first post about my Volks F07.  It has been a turbulent search for this old discontinued FCS Volks doll!  One that made me want to send Volks a letter begging them to rerelease this head mold.  Which is about as likely as me walking on water. 

The one that wouldn't be!
I bought a F07 head in white resin, which is the color I had hoped for.  When it arrived and I removed the makeup I realized its mouth had been modded opened!  So I had to mail the head back to the seller.  As cute as that head was, I still would have been searching for an F07 unmodded! 

I couldn't get that cute face out of my head and heart.  So began my earnest search.... and searched... more searching.  I looked on YJ every day and the den of angels.  I did find two but both had modded faces.  It seems people can not resist modding these F07 heads.  Why you would want to open eyes on this doll to make them even larger! or sand down an already tiny nose! 

The other thing I found is that thoes that own this mold don't want to part with it!  even if they have larger doll families and are downsizing this tends to be the last doll they would think about selling.  I hope I will feel the same : )  I think thats a good sign!  but frustrating as a person looking to buy one.

Well to cut a long story short I have found my F07 doll!  she is White Skin and comes with her original WS body and no mods not even earring holes.  SO SO happpy. 

I already know the eyes she will be wearing as I got to try eyes in that doll head that wasn't.   I will update with pictures.  From what I can see her resin is not too yellowed, I am guessing she was made around 2004.  She will be traveling from Spain to me.  Ah the power of the internet!

She will need a new faceup.  So that will mean sending her head away.  I have someone in mind but it involves twisting their arm... gah it seems manifesting this doll is a challenge!

From the looks of how this exchange is working out she should be arriving via EMS around the same time my Volks Lieselotte is scheduled to arrive from Kerby Lane.  These will be her eyes!  they are 20mm unique eyes by Eyelife Labo.  I bought them from YJ like I do most of my things.  The exchange rate is terrible (has been really bad for about two year now) I try not to think about it, and only buy things I can't live without.  Which seems to be allot!  I can't decide between a black ringlet shoulder length wig or a softer look like maybe Lieselottes strawberrry wig.  That would be SO cute.  The way it works is you never really know till you get the faceup done!  and for a name I am thinking Cricket, again I can't be 100% sure till she is complete.

How about you?  What dolls are you dreaming about or finishing/waiting to appear or return from the faceups? (that is doll makeup)

Here is a picture of an F07 for thoes that are curious what the head looks like blank.
This is not my head its an old picture from YJ.  I am pretty sure this one is regular skin.  Mine will be whiter.
Such a cute anime like face.  The shape of the eyes are really adorable in person!

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  1. What a great story, I'm so glad you found her! Your blog looks great Lorraine! I love the header you've used <3 I can't wait to read more!!!